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The Morikami Field Trip

by Clavel Macias | Mar 03, 2014

The Hollywood Boys & Girls Club took teens and youth to the Morikami Museum. There the youth were exposed to the different types of Japanese Gardens that changed through each era of dynasty. They also learned about the owner George Morikami, a Japanese farmer who started the garden in 1970, which gave insight into the history of Japanese Americans living in the United States.

The youth were also exposed to replications of Japanese life styles. The youth saw how the rooms are in modern Japan, in which the class was equipped with Japanese writings on the boards and had authentic school uniforms for display.

The museum also showed modes of transportation and everyday living. Youth saw the bullet train, a mode of transportation in Japan, like a subway. There was also a wall to show the currency of Japan and what might in a vending machine. The youth also had the opportunity to sit in a modern Japanese fashioned home to see what people eat and what their houses may look like.

After the tour was over the youth stopped in the gift shop to take a souvenir home. But the youth also took some history and different aspects of Japanese culture. Not only did the youth have a fun experience, they also learned about Japanese culture and how Florida has a rich history of Japanese Americans.

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